Pronouns and safety

My correctly gendered streak at work has ended yet again today, by yet another coworker that knew me pre-transition. I corrected them and they apologized and moved on, but I remained annoyed for minutes afterwards. I came out rather publicly at work over three years ago, so this should not be new for even those who don’t interact with me regularly. My presentation, my voice, and my mannerisms are distinctly femme, which I like to assume are enough to get by other people’s unconscious filters. For strangers, this does seem to be enough. Yet I am still misgendered from time to time, by people who knew me before I transitioned. While I’m fortunate enough to not have anyone in my life who intentionally misgenders me, I still have to keep them at arms length for my own safety. There is the immediate issue of protecting my mental health against yet another papercut. However, the longer term issue of my safety in mixed company is the bigger issue. While I may be out and proud, my trans status is my truth to share. If I can not rely on someone to gender me correctly, I can not rely on them to not out me to someone hostile. While there may not be any malicious intent, the mistake can get me killed. My safety must come before someone’s lack of mindfulness.