Everyone’s First

As a very out trans person, my visibility brings many things in my life. I simultaneously feel empowered and vulnerable because of it. I can never really hope to hide my past and live “stealth”, but my unapologetic visibility pierces the cis bubbles of folks. Where my transness has lead to people’s firsts include:

  • The first trans person they’ve knowingly met
  • The first trans person they’ve become friends with
  • The first trans coworker they’ve had to interact with regularly
  • The first trans patient they’ve dealt with as medical providers
  • The first trans person that’s forced them to rethink their views on trans folks

This gets tiring, even though I know this is what I signed up for with being so out. To many people, meeting a real live trans person is still a new experience. For me, it’s simply my state of being and I’m continually a bit surprised this is any kind of event for cis folks. As tiring as this can be at times, at least I have some control over the narrative when I’m pressed into being an ambassador for simply being.